United Samaritan Foundation (USF) and Gemperle Enterprises Partnership to Feed the Needy.

In the Central Valley of California  22 percent of families live below the poverty line and nearly 30 percent of children living in poverty. Stanislaus County remains one of the poorest counties in the nation. The Gemperle Enterprises partnership  with the United Samaritans Foundation works together to ensure healthy food gets to those in need.

Helping locals with food donations.

Donations from local agriculture and businesses like Gemperle Eggs, tortilla’s, potatoes, and locally grown fruit and vegetable

Emergency food box day

Gemperle Enterprises Partner with Good Samaritan Foundation with egg donations. It takes many partners from around the community to help those in need.

Emergency Food Box Day

USF mobile food truck. Over 400,000 meals served in 2014.For many locals  this is the only meal they will have for the day.

Hungry People visiting the USF mobile food truck
Mobile Food Truck

Volunteers making eggs sandwiches with Gemperle Egg Donations

Modesto Staff Making Egg Sandwiches

Volunteers signing up the needy for emergency food boxes

Signing up For Emerency Food Box

Thousands of egg sandwiches to feed the needy.

Tub of Sandwiches Modesto

Lots of volunteers to help with sandwich making.

Volunteer Getting Ready to Make Egg Salad Sandwiches

Food donations serving the community.

Waiting their turn



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